The Chiesa family boasts a long gastronomic tradition, and is specialized in the preparation of Italian, Mediterranean and Trentino food. 
The hotel's hospitable restaurant is well known for the quality of its typical international cuisine and for its "Mela Party" menu.
Balote de "Pomi" 
Small chunks of Golden Delicious apples fried in bread-crumbs 
Talento classico brut 
Mela Cocktail "Eva" 
Mixture of steak tartare and seasoned Stark Delicious apples 
Pinot bianco 
Aringa affumicata con le mele 
Smoked Herring cut in fine slices with apple and Mayonnaise sauce 
Mueller Thurgau 
Risotto con le mele 
rice with Golden Delicious apples 
Traminer Aromatico
Muscoletto di vitello
"Renetta del Canada" 
Braised veal with Canadian Rennet apples
Marzemino Trentino
Strudel di mele 
Classic Trentino apple dessert, with raisins,pine-nuts and cinnamon 
Moscato giallo
Distillato di mele 
Gravenstein apple brandy